Storytelling is a resource many cultures use to teach, ​inspire, and heal. In primary school I was taught Zuni, ​Apache, and Navajo folklore. Those stories infused a ​sense of identity in me.

Today minority authorship is less than 8% in ​conventional publishing. We need to infuse the ​sazón of our stories for future generations.

I believe publishing is a collaboration of storytelling ​between the author and myself. I am committed to ​helping you produce a quality story and professionally ​developed book.

It is imperative to leave the echo of our ​experiences, our voices, and our stories ​to reverberate to future generations. ​Leave your legacy. “


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Manuscript Development

Do you need help with ​your rough draft? After ​our initial consultation we ​will review your ​manuscript and ​strengthen the plot if ​needed.


Are you looking for ​illustrations for your ​story? I use Canva and ​Adobe applications to ​create vivid ​illustrations.


I will do the heavy lifting of ​the publishing process that ​many authors are not ​prepared to step into and ​research your genre, ​provide the metadata, ​codes, illustrations, and ​cover format.

Spotlighted Author

Diona Reese Williams is an ​educator, speaker, consultant, ​and advocate for nature based ​child development learning.

Through her work in early ​childhood education and ​environmental curriculum ​development, Diona supports ​students, families, colleagues ​and communities.

Her passion is to provide ​representation in stories for ​generations to enjoy.

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AlmaLuz Graphics ​provides great artistic ​talent and professionally ​developed work.

R. Damon Whitley

802io Technology Solutions

AlmaLuz has brought my ​beloved children book ​series to life, through her ​graphic designs, customer ​service, and collaborative ​efforts to help me become ​a self-published author. I ​am looking forward to ​working with Alma on ​future projects and ​collaborations.

Diona Reese Williams


The marketing products ​that AlmaLuz Graphics ​has designed for me ​have been a successfully ​and an effective tool to ​target my intended ​audience.

Andrea Wormley

Real Estate Agent


Do you still have questions about my services?

Review some of the questions I answered for ​previous clients.

If you are still not sure, you are welcome to contact ​me through email at:

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Monday through Fridays

5:30pm-8:00pm CST​


10am through 2:00pm

Physical Location: San Antonio, TX

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Other Services


Sell Sheets


Documentation Specialist

Small business owners have many plates to ​juggle. Don’t let documentation development be ​one of those extra plates. AlmaLuz Graphics ​creates templates for PDF conversion, add links, ​videos, and provide fillable PDFs for internal and ​external use. I collaborate with small business ​owners to develop and prepare documents for ​their use while removing the anxiety of figuring ​out document development.

Services for documentation development:

  • Office seal Templates
  • Capability Statements
  • Flyers
  • Contracts
  • Employee handbooks
  • Manuals
  • Business Cards
  • And any documents you need created

All initial consultations are an hour. Please complete a pre-consultation questionnaire prior to our initial consultation. Thank you!

I am committed to helping authors establish their voices and prepare their stories for publishing. Because we need representation for our cultures and heritages as the sazón of life to leave legacies.

Click the link here to submit the ​questionnaire prior to our meet up

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In remembrance of Juan Francisco Perdoma Sanchez