Infuse your sazón and leave a legacy

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Storytelling is a resource many cultures use to teach, inspire, and heal. In primary school I was taught Zuni, Apache, and Navajo folklore. Those stories infused a sense of identity in me. Today minority authorship is less than 8% in conventional publishing. Storytelling is the sazón of our cultures sprinkled into our souls. We need to infuse the sazón of our stories for future generations. We need to leave the echo of our experiences, our voices to reverberate into future generations. So infuse your sazón and leave a legacy.

I am committed to helping authors establish their voices and clean up their stories for publishing. Because we need representation for our cultures and heritages as the sazón of life to pass down to future generations.

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Manuscript Development

During consultations I will help you develop the plot, characters, and timelines.

Content Editor

As a content editor I will review and make any suggestions to help strengthen your manuscript.


I will do the heavy lifting of the publishing process that many authors are not prepared to step into and can seem overwhelming.


Diona Reese Williams is an educator, speaker, consultant, and advocate. Through her work in early childhood education and environmental curriculum development, Diona supports students, families, colleagues and communities. Her passion is to provide representation in stories for generations to enjoy.

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S. Temple Garcia is an ordained Pastor, CEO of Shirley Hudson Ministries, and Priscilla and Aquila People of Wisdom and Wealth (P&A POWAW), author, speaker, and an ordained minister. Mrs. Temple Garcia is in the process of revising her book to include the stories of generational healing.

Coming in 2023

The Generational Keepers

A memoir of healing

generational wounds





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Infuse your sazón and leave a legacy

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